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Chris Moon is a contemporary artist from East London.  An untrained, self-taught painter, he has primarily chosen to exhibit his work independently.  His first London solo exhibitions, HOME (2011) and REVERIE (2012) received wide acclaim.  Exhibitions followed in New York (2013) and Los Angeles (2015) and in London (2016) with many works entering private collections.  Moon's paintings have been featured in Interview Magazine and Flaunt in the USA and in Dazed, Another and Port Magazine in the UK, amongst others.  In 2018 he was the subject of a documentary feature film directed by Jack Bond called  'An Artist's Eyes'.  He presented his sixth London solo exhibition in 2020 and is currently working on a collaboration with Chanel that will be released next year. 

Moon has the unique ability to encompass a variety of techniques through vivid, emotional and at times, distinctly melancholic imagery expressed not only through the works but the process in which he paints.  His paintings often explore the painful, physical and emotional need for re-invention - resulting in his own mental state laid bare on the canvas.

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